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What we do

No single individual source of news can keep you truly up-to-date, not least because you end up with ‘group think’ about football.

So what we do is keep you current with news, views, analysis, videos, podcasts, great images and opinion by curating feeds from bloggers, ‘mainstream’ media, magazines, clubs, associations and others who have something to share about football from all over the web.

Loving football as we do, we also have our own opinion and bring you some exclusive views that you can find here

Our mission

We want to be your one-stop-shop for football news.

How it works

Our provider feeds are curated and hand-selected by the Football Today editorial team who find the best resources on the web. We only include feeds that are updated regularly. The provider feeds are showcased in an easy-to-read format that streams live with the newest stories appearing first. You can use Football Today on multiple platforms including tablet or mobile device. You can also personalise it to add the feeds you want to follow. 

Share feeds with us

If you have a feed you’d like us to include, please send it to us at ref@footballtoday.com.au and we’ll have a look at it.

Featured bloggers

You can add a Football Today blogger badge to your site and help us help you deliver your content to a growing audience.

Advertise with us

Interested in advertising with us? Please email on ref@footballtoday.com.au.

Editorial team

Kirsten Anthony and Bonita Mersiades as well as regular contributors in our exclusive section. 

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